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Designing Services

WHAT We Do – Design Services

Design services are one of the most imperative necessities of today’s business world. In case you are looking for promising assistance with this, one of the best routes to choose is that of outsourcing design services. Our staff at Beacon Spotter has years of experience in producing top class website designs that are all unique and effective.

Our unique selling point lies in our innovative, one of a kind and low cost design solutions. The designs produced for clients are unique to them, and never reused for future clients. You are free to choose from hundreds and thousands of patterns from our catalogue or can request customised patterns and layouts in designs. We take pride in our customisable design services.


Designing Your Website

The core motive that guides us while designing your website is to meet the dire requirements of your business. We conceptualise, design and develop a website, keeping in mind a number of factors that are important for your business.

Some of these factors include:

  • The type of business you perform
  • The kind/age group of customers that you are targeting
  • The size of your targeted consumer base
  • The past achievements, present needs and future goals of your business.

Once we have reached a conclusion based on the above factors, it becomes incredibly easy for us to come up with the best-looking business website for you. Our website design and development ventures are driven towards satisfying not only you, but also your clients and potential customers.

Standards and Technology

At Beacon Spotter, our motto is to implement the use of the latest technology in the market to produce the most effective results for all our clients. We not only excel in graphic design using HTML, layouts & CSS, but also flourish in producing some of the most unconventional designs in:

  • Logos
  • Landing pages
  • Branding and identity campaigns
  • Sales letters
  • Info-graphics
  • Presentations for businesses, etc.

All in all we give you the complete design solution at a standard that is hard to meet by any and every other service provider in the market. When it comes to industry standards we always try and surpass them, both for our satisfaction and yours.

Capture copy
Capture copy

Pocket Friendly Services

Other than the impeccable execution, another factor that acts as a unique selling point for our services is their pocket friendly rates. All our services are extended at rates that are highly cost effective.

Some of these services, apart from the ones mentioned above, include:

  • Designing of blogs
  • Designing of sound
  • Designing of presentations
  • Designing and creating videos
  • Designing banners, etc.

One can chose anything from this wide range of services. We have special packages for clients who require assistance with more than one service, but you can also make your own customised package without having to pay any kind of extra costs. Contact our executives today for complete assistance with your designing needs.